I’ve been a geek pretty much my entire life

For the last 20 years, or so, I’ve been doing it professionally. Managing small business infrastructure, designing in house software, systems administration, network engineering and other odd jobs. Over the last couple years though I have come to realize two things.

First, the cliche Jack of all trades and master of none is very true. My skill-set is exceedingly broad but quite shallow. While it means always having interesting and varied challenges there is never any sense of progress in a subject.

Second, programming is my true passion. Over the years I’ve designed two different call center packages, dozens of web sites (from basic to feature rich) and done more automation/integration and admin type scripting than I can count and I loved every minute of it.

These realizations and a pretty serious case of burnout made me decide to pick a much tighter set of skills and start fresh. While none of them are new to me many are out of date or aren’t used on a daily basis.

WordPress development seems to be an excellent way to remedy this. Developing themes will let me get up to speed with HTML/CSS changes while plugins will do the same for PHP/JS. And figuring out how to apply existing knowledge (OOP/Design Patterns/Standards) and leverage new, or under utilized, technologies (SASS, Eclipse, Git, etc.) will be much easier with an existing platform.

That said I expect my biggest challenge will be actually using WordPress. I’ve always been an old school pencil and journal type of guy. I still love having a full bookshelf and piles of books around me even though I have three screens and a Kindle full of reference material. Blogging, especially publicly, is not something I’ve ever really considered but if I am going to develop for the web and, more specifically, for WordPress then I need to actively use them myself, so here goes…